Capsule Project

This project will make it possible for end-users to identify the provenance and integrity of content published in “Capsules”. These contain a small amount of content, like a tweet or a social media post, digitally signed by its author and registered onto an immutable, shared registry. They can then be disseminated across the Web, on social and messaging platforms both centralized and decentralized. The project aims to develop the necessary infrastructure and basic applications for these capsules by integrating existing technologies that allow signatures to be controlled by Self Sovereign Identities, and access registries through dApps.

Libraries of Identity

Identity is a sprawling topic, spanning much industrial, technical, humanistic, and social-science literature.  Self-Sovereign Identity, however, is a much younger, narrower, and more urgent topic of study, since it is a key pillar of the coming Web3.0 ecosystem and recent legal and industrial developments make its theorization, first-draft implementation and adoption urgent worldwide priorities.  SourceCheck is working with the Rebooting Web of Trust community, Sovrin, Jolocom, and other key players in this worldwide “cottage industry” of technologists and researchers to promote interoperability and human-centered, ethical planning.  We are also working on making knowledge bases more user-friendly, searchable, and interconnected to increase information quality and standardization as public-facing materials on these technical topics begin to propagate.