Jefferson Sofarelli (Berlin)

When I am not consulting on technical aspects of our other projects, I am focused on leading our Content Capsule project.  The project aims to develop the necessary infrastructure and basic applications for these capsules by integrating existing technologies that allow signatures to be controlled by Self Sovereign Identities, and access registries through dApps. In the coming year, I hope to build both a functional public iteration of the system and a simple, intuitive UI/UX for normal people to secure day-to-day information transactions with digital signature.

Juan Caballero (Berlin)

My projects outside the SourceCheck cooperative encompass many forms of research (particularly emerging identity technologies) and journalism (for recent publications, see my portfolio site). Within the cooperative, I coordinate research and have an ongoing design project imagining future reputation and quality systems anchored to immutable, decentralized registries of publication metadata (such as, for instance, our home-grown Capsule system). On the technical side, our research projects trace interoperability efforts among SSI platforms, how social-media platforms are pivoting in the face of public and governmental scrutiny, the rapidly-evolving messaging and payments systems of the near future, and emerging Web3.0 self-publishing platforms. On the information systems side of our research, I like to imagine ways of re-centering those systems of collective [human] labor through which the objectivity of academic research and the quality of commercial information have historically been rated and vouchsafed.